Jacob Sorge digital creative
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Hi. I'm Jay.
And I'm a digital creative.
I help my clients turn their ideas and visions
into visual identities and digital reality.

A selection of my clients you can see here.
Find out more about me.
And for any kind of inquiries, feel free to get in touch.

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about me

I am a web designer and developer with an academic background in marketing, advertising and PR. Before I started smukkeberg I worked in e-commerce and headed the digital marketing for a high-end furniture manufacturer. Before that I interned in PR and advertising agencies.
And then way before that - when I was 16 - I designed and coded my first website.

Nowadays I don't limit myself to websites but also create blogs, online magazines and whatever form of online publishing comes next. Whether it's the actual initial launch of the project or a redesign, I offer my clients the whole package from one source: branding and corporate identity, graphic and web design and technical setup and web development.

Based in Berlin, Germany, I work for clients from all over the globe - from London to Singapore, Belgium, Canada to New Zealand. And they are as widespread topically as they are geographically. From beauty and fashion to lifestyle, music and food.
Despite the often vast geographical distance, I like to work closely together with my clients. Each project I consider to be more of a collaboration rather than an order and delivery arrangement.

So if you are looking for someone to help you make your idea become reality,
get in touch!