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I'm Jay.
Some might call me a hybrid - web designer and developer.
But then I also have this whole marketing thing going on.
Either way I like helping people put their ideas on screen.
Conceptually. Functionally. Visually.
Some of these ideas you can see here.
More about me.

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Hi, I am Jay.

My mum calls me Jacob.

When I was fifteen my uncle handed me a book on HTML. The next day I changed the colour of the word on the screen from black to red. Roughly ten years later things haven't changed much. I still make things appear on screen. Not exclusively in red, obviously. In those ten years I taught myself HTML, Photoshop, CSS, jquery and a little PHP here and there. Bootstrap and WordPress are my best friends but I also know how to tame a blogger template. And man, responsive design, mobile design, buzz, buzz, buzz.

But enough with the geeking, here are some more facts about me:
I was born in the late 80's. I grew up in Berlin. I moved to England when I was sixteen to finish school. I moved back to Berlin afterwards, only to return two years later to study at Birmingham City University.

Three years later I graduated with a first-class honours degree in Marketing, Advertising and PR and once again returned to Berlin. Here I interned in PR and advertising agencies. Until I got the chance to work as the head of marketing in a high-end furniture e-commerce startup. A year later the company merged with another furniture business that had fifteen stores all over Germany. That meant my marketing responsibilities now stretched across online and offline.
A year later I decided I needed to refocus. And when the possibility to become a freelancer came up, I took it.

So here I am, still making things appear on screens.