Alright, so this is nothing mind blowing really but a nifty little method to keep reminding your blog readers about your instagram, showing them the content they can expect from following you and actually giving them the option to follow you through the click of a button. I haven’t seen this method being used a lot yet (then again it might not fit everyone’s instagram strategy), so I thought I might as well share it.

So you’ve been using instagram diligently to promote every blog post you put out there. A blog post goes up, an instagram goes up telling your followers about the new post.

Good. So that’s driving your traffic from instagram to your blog. But what about the other way around?

So why not use every blog post to send your readers to your instagram?

With every instagram you’re sending your followers to your blog. So why not use every blog post to send your readers to your instagram? Or even better, let them follow you instantly right there?
The solution is easier than you might think: Instagram embeds.

That really cool photo you had planned to use as your instagram to promote the blog post, why not also use it as actual content of that exact blog post? Now, to be fair this leaves you in a bit of a chicken and egg paradox situation as you probably don’t want to post the instagram before having published the blog post and at the same time that’s the post the instagram pic is supposed to appear in.

So you simply have to publish the post without the instagram embed first and once you posted your photo on instagram you can then go back to your post and edit it, adding your instagram.

Told ya. Not exactly mind blowing.
Then again, it’s all about the details, right?


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