Hi, I'm Jay.

Digital creative and founder of smukkeberg.
Currently based in Berlin, I work for creatives and creators, content publishers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. They work with me to take their projects to the next level. Or in many cases even off the ground.
As my client you don't have to manage the project nor multiple freelancers. You are getting all services from one source. Simply talk to me. And I will take care of the rest.

What I can do for you.


Standing out from the crowd is not easy. Let me give your brand the right strategy and visual representation. To give you that edge. That competitive advantage.


Whether it's a blog, magazine, shop or website, for me design isn't just pretty pictures. In the digital world design means features and functions, usability and performance. And not to forget: carrying your brand identity.


Let me take care of what's going on behind the scenes. Because the greatest idea, the most beautiful website, the most awesome feature are nothing without the right coding and technical setup to back them up. To actually bring it all to life. And to keep it all running smoothly.


Sometimes an idea needs that extra set of eyes to be looked over by. That fresh brain to think it all through once more. Someone from the outside to bring in a new and fresh perspective. And that expertise your business has been missing. I can be that someone for you.

Get in touch.

Tell me about your project. Let's see make it happen.