Tiphaine Marie

Blog design / blog coding / domain change / SEO ranking

When Tiphaine got in touch with me to work on her project, she had been running her blog for a few years with a functioning design in place. However over time it got outdated and eventually did not fully meet her requirements anymore. The goal here wasn’t so much to reinvent her brand and image but rather advance and progress to the next level. Tiphaine had already designed her new logo herself. So based on that and the pre-existing design and content, I created a new blog design for her.

Like its predecessor the new design was going to be very much photography focussed and picture heavy. An important alteration however was the prioritisation of video content in the form of the implementation of Tiphaine’s youtube videos as well as a more dominant presentation of her instagram feed.
Another major improvement that came with the overhaul was for her blog to become fully responsive and thereby delivering her content to her readers user-friendly, no matter the screensize.

Finally, this advancement in Tiphaine’s blogging career also involved the name change from Tiphaine’s Diary (www.tiphainesdiary.com) to Tiphaine Marie (www.tiphainemarie.com) and hence the necessary precautions not to risk an existing Google ranking and resulting SEO traffic.